Father's Day Gift Ideas - 2020

Father's day is nearly here. Show dad some love this year with a unique gift even if you are physically apart.

This Father's Day, we have collaborate with the lovely folks at HampersByYou to bring you a Father's Day Gift set. Customisation is HampersByYou specialty and this really resonates with pieces too!

Here are more gift ideas for you:

DIY Gift or a Handmade Craft by YOU!

YES, you! It is always a nice touch for any holiday or birthday present. There are many Father's Day craft ideas available online - a heartfelt card or simply a home cooked meal.

Personalised Work Essentials

We love the variety of classic leather goods such as cardholder, lanyard and more over at Imprint.sg.

Watercolor Portrait

A hand-drawn watercolor illustration of Dad and Child - a thoughtful father's day gift. Tell us your story, we would love to hear.

Here's a WIP piece of a duo who loves fishing.

Pop-up Portrait Frame

Let us capture your favorite family moment with one of our beautiful handcrafted pop-up portrait frames.

Each piece is made-to-order, handcrafted using paper and tools.

Share with us on your Father's Day plans! We promise not to spoil your surprise :D

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