Where it all began - my portrait journey

About Craft Room

I turned my hobby into a sideline business in late 2017, when i discovered Carousell.

I wanted to able to 'sell' my art in a personalized way and in my own illustration style. Even though, portrait drawing was never my forte, i decided to list my portrait service :P

Thankfully, I made my first portrait commission and I have been drawing ever since then!

Throwback to my first art booth at Creative Market hosted by Carousell X The Centre Point. Subsequently, I joined Carousell annual affair - Carouselland. I don't think there will be a 2020 edition due to covid, sadly. I was also a part of their interview here. I hope it will inspire you (somehow) to start small with your hobby or passion :)

Disclaimer: I am a genuine fan/supporter of Carousell. Personally, i think it is a great app - making selling as easy as chatting. #Supportlocal :D

Through the years, I am still having a hard time finding my illustration style, pricing my services and even the basic - a name. I started as @weiying.yeo, then @lightlines.co and finally @craftroom.sg. I think many artists and crafters can relate to these struggles! So if you have any tip or two for me, do share with me! pst. I will share more about my pricing struggles next time!

Thank you for dropping by and reading my first post!



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