Family/Group Pop-up Portrait Frame

Family/Group Pop-up Portrait Frame

Bring joy to your loved ones with a personalised paper pop-up portrait. Each piece is unique, handcrafted using quality watercolor paper & tools, making it an ideal gift for all special ocassions like birthdays, Mother's Day & more.



- Base price: 3 pax with lettering, 4 illustrated pop-up items and frame.

- Prices varies depending on card size & design choice.

- Lead time is 5-7 days.


Add ons:

- Additional Person $20 each

- Additional Pet $15 each

- Additional $25 for a custom design


How to order:

1. Place your order & make payment.

2. Send an email to with:

- Photo of the subjects. 2-3 clear photos will be great! You can send separate photos of each person/pet.
- Your choice of 4 pop-up items (it can be anything, really!)

- Your text to include in the banner & banner color preference if any.

- For custom design option, please let us know your idea! We are happy to help to provide suggestions.

  • Disclaimers

    - Drawing medium: Watercolor (mix with markers/ink based on artist direction). Please note that this is not a realistic portrait illustration. Final drawing is based on artist intepretation on the photos provided.

    - Artist reserves copyright of all art created. Intellectual property may not be used or reproduced for commercial purposes without consent from the creator. No refunds for custom orders.