Papercut Silhouette Frame

Papercut Silhouette Frame

Create a unique silhouette portrait of your favourite person! Handcrafted using papercut techniques and available in different floral designs. 


Each piece is unique and designed based on your floral type or color scheme preference. Personalise it further with your favourite quote or a heartfelt message. Let's create together!

Lead time is 5-7 days.


How it works!

. Place your order & make payment.

2. Send an email to with:

- 1 - 2 clear side view photo of the person

- Any text or quote to include in the frame

- Any floral type or color scheme preference

  • Disclaimers

    . Please note that this is not a realistic portrait illustration. Final drawing is based on artist intepretation on the photos provided.

    - Artist reserves copyright of all art created. Intellectual property may not be used or reproduced for commercial purposes without consent from the creator. No refunds for custom orders. 

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