Portrait Pins

Portrait Pins

A small yet unique tin pin badge for you and your loved ones. Great party favors & gift ideas for wedding, birthdays, baby shower & more.


Each illustration is digitally drawn and pin is made to order. You'll receive:

A 37mm Portrait Pin package (4 x 3 inch)



- Base price: 1 pax drawing only in single color background

- Personalised name lettering on card packaging


How it works!

1. Order this listing based on your request.

2. Email me (craftroom.sg@gmail.com) with:

-- 1-2 photos (clear front view shot)

-- Name to be written

-- Indicate your preferred pin background color if any 

-- Indicate t-shirt color if any

  • Drawing Style

    - Drawing medium: Digital (iPad). Please note that this is not a realistic portrait illustration. Final drawing is based on artist intepretation on the photos provided.

    - Artist reserves copyright of all art created. Intellectual property may not be used or reproduced for commercial purposes without consent from the creator. No refunds for custom orders.